About Us

About the Compass Program

Compass is a province-wide service to support evidenced based care to all BC children and youth (up to age 25) living with mental health and substance use concerns. Compass helps community care providers such as family physicians, nurse practitioners, public health nurses, pediatricians, psychiatrists, child and youth mental health teams, community carers (including Elders), school mental health teams (such as school counsellors, psychologists, and educational assistants), and substance use teams provide timely and appropriate care close to home for every child and youth in British Columbia.

The service helps improve outcomes for children, youth, and their families across BC by guiding their healthcare providers to quickly and easily identify, access, and deliver the best possible treatment. Through phone consultation and web-based resources the Compass team supports community care providers with the information, advice, and resources they need to treat children and youth with mental health and substance use concerns in their community.

The Compass team works collaboratively with providers to understand their unique challenges and supplement specific community knowledge and resources with specialist support as needed. Centered on trusted relationships between community care providers BC-wide, the Compass team mobilizes knowledge, improves experiences for care providers and patients, and ultimately transform care. Compass regularly and proactively consults with stakeholders to co-create the service. It has been developed and will continue to evolve as part of a collaborative approach to engage stakeholders, solicit input and build a service specific to their needs.

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How Compass Works

A team of mental health and substance use professionals is only a call away.

Feeling stuck

Feeling stuck

Provider needs support in treating patient with mental health or substance use concerns

Telephone consultation

Telephone consultation

Consultation is conducted between the community provider and Compass team

Direct consult if needed

Direct assessment IF needed

For select rural communities, after indirect consultation(s), a DA may be discussed on a case by case basis.

What to Expect

When you call for a consultation, you’ll have access to a multi-disciplinary team who can offer:

• Telephone advice and support

• Identification and help with connection to local & online resources

• Zoom consultation for you and your patient, when needed

• Tailored education

The team includes child and youth psychiatrists and mental health and substance use clinicians (social workers, nurses, psychologists, etc.), and an Indigenous care coordinator.

The Compass team can help with diagnostic clarification, medication recommendations and treatment planning. Support is available for a wide range of issues including substance use, mental health, behavioural and family challenges, trauma and general guidance when things aren't going well. You will receive a written record of all consultation recommendations for your records.

Learn how to make the most out of a call with Compass in our Helpful Tips for Care Providers tip sheet.